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  • Farm: Insula

  • Location: Génova, Quindío

  • Altitude: 1.550NN to 1.600NN

  • Owner: Atilano Giraldo

Why is our coffee so special?

The farm Insula is located in Genova, Quindio Colombia. With an altitude that goes from 1.450 NN to 1.600 NN. This farm is around 40 ha, and has other crops like platano, guava and avocados. The processing method is wash, mainly because the farm does not has the facilities for natural or honey processing. 

Juan David Hernandez is the farm owner, but the person in charge is Jose Vicente, the farm administrator. He takes care of the picking and processing of the coffee. We work with Jose for already 2 years improving the quality of picking, you need to understand that 40ha coffee farm is a big farm, and checking the processing and picking gets very tricky.  

The hard work and consistency are noticeable, buying the coffee at a higher price helped them to improve their living conditions. 

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