Castillo 1KG "Finca Insula"


Floral, red currant, burnt caramel and stone fruit fragrance. Soft almond and hazelnut taste, with notes of cacao. Medium acidity and thing juicy body. High sweetness.

Incl. 7% USt., you can also check the 3KG presentation.


    Finca Insula is in Genova, Quindío. Is a hidden spot in the middle of the mountains.

    Altitude goes from 1450-1650, and it has the advantage to have only the morning sun, because after midday the sun is hiding behind the mountain. Genova is well known for its soil qualities, that makes coffees from this region especially sweet.  This farm joined our program last year, and the results are awesome!


    Ships between 1-3 days after placing the order

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