Castillo 3KG "Finca Primavera"


This coffee has medium/high acidity, that is given by its citric notes.  It has a medium sweetness that taste like sugar cane. Very aromatic coffee. Is a silky smooth cup that you will love. 

Incl. 7% USt., you can also check the 1KG presentation.


    Finca Primavera is in Génova, Quindío. Is a hidden spot in the middle of the mountains.

    Altitude goes from 1450-1650, and it has the advantage to have only the morning sun, because after midday the sun is hiding behind the mountain. Because this farm is located on the mountain it can’t have a normal place to dry their coffee, so they dry the coffee on the roof of the house. When the harvest is very good they ask for a little help to their neighbors. This farm joined our program last year, and this is one of the things we want to improve.

    This is a perfect every day coffee that will make your mornings very enjoyable.


    Ships between 1-3 days after placing the order.

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