Dry Fruit Insufion Ginger

Dry Fruit Insufion Ginger



Enjoy all the fruits of Colombia with this amazing product. Ginger dry fruit infusion will make you see tea in a different way. 

Pineapple, Tree tomatoe, Ginger and Stevia. 

Pour 250ml of hot water, put the dry fruit mix inside, wait for 2 minutes and enjoy! Remeber, you can eat the fruit after you drink your tea. 

Each package has 15gr and it comes in a presentation of 30 bags. 

You can have one flavor or a mix of the 4 flavors available:

Red fruits

Yello fruits


ans Ginger

Price Incl. 7% USt.


    Ships between 3-10 business days after placing the order. Sorry if this can cause some inconvenience for you, we travel a lot to origin and are busy visiting customers. That is the reason for the new shipping schedule. 


    In 250ml of hot water introduce the mix of the dry fruits, wait for 2 minutes and enjoy. 

    You can eat the fruit while you drink, or you can drink and eat the fruits! Just enjoy it all!

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