Java black honey 1KG Finca El Roble



This Java Balck Honey is our all time favorite for cold brew has a very high, very bright sweetness, plus the additional notes of the honey process. The cup profile of this coffee is a floral cup, with jasmine, peach, stone fruit, cocoa powder and caramel. Creamy mouth feel with lingering round body and sweet aftertaste. 

Incl. 7% USt.


    Farm El Roble is located in Pijao, Quindio. At an altitude that goes from 1.700 m.a.s.l to 1.850 m.a.s.l. This farm focuses mainly on Java and Castillo varieties.  The Java Black honey has a handsorting process in cherries and an extended fermentation before is depulped. After the cherry is remove the drying process happens on raised beds, away from direct sun exposure. 



    Ships between 1-3 business days after placing the order.

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