Natural Castillo 1 KG Finca La Cristalina

Natural Castillo 1 KG Finca La Cristalina



Natural Castillo from Maria's farm!

This amazing natural castillo has an extended fermentation with controled tempersture and PH sensor. Get ready to enjoy a super sweet full body cup with this new comer. 

Very fruity with notes of cranberry, strawberry, stone fruit almonds and caramel. Very sweet, structured and smooth coffee with full body.

Incl. 7% USt.



    Finca La Cristalina is located in Quimbaya, Quindio. At 1450 NN.

    Maria's family is the owner of this farm for more than 100 years. 

    We are working with Dumar for more than 3 years now, improving picking, processing and drying to get only the best out of it. Is the first time this coffee is on our stock, and is because the results are amazing. 

    Great everyday coffee that leave you wanting more.


    Ships between 3-10 business days after placing the order. Sorry if this can cause some inconvenience for you, we travel a lot to origin and are busy visiting customers. That is the reason for the new shipping schedule. 

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