Pink Bourbon Honey 1 KG Finca Villa Flor

Pink Bourbon Honey 1 KG Finca Villa Flor



This amazing coffee from Tolima is beyond anything you could expect. Is sweet and complex as a Natural, but with the citric and frutal flavors of the Bourbons.

The coffee has red berries, sugar cane taste, with some notes to mandarin and tropical dry fruits. It has a round body with bright acidity. 

Incl. 7% USt.


    Farm Villa Flor is located in Herrera, Tolima. At an altitude of 1650-1750 m.a.s.l.

    Villa Flor is one of the small farms you can find on the area, with great water supply and permanent shadow on the crop. The coffee has a yellow honey process, with a pre-fermentation (anaerobic fermentation) to enhance the sweetness. 


    Ships between 3-10 business days after placing the order. Sorry if this can cause some inconvenience for you, we travel a lot to origin and are busy visiting customers. That is the reason for the new shipping schedule. 

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