RFA "Community Coffee" Castillo 1KG

RFA "Community Coffee" Castillo 1KG



Toffee, chocolate and citric taste. medium body and pleasant acidity. 

This coffee comes from 6 different farms located in the coffee axis (States of Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda). Is our newest project.

Incl. 7% USt., you can also check the 3KG presentation.


    This coffee comes from 6 different farms. Distributed along the Eje Cafetero region. The name of the farms is: Farm “La Lila”, Farm “Familia Maya”, Farm “Hacienda Villa Isabel”, Farm “Mayaguez”, Farm “Lucy” and Farm “Cona”.

    The coffee growers pick only the ripest cherries and process them at their farms, then the coffee is taken to the local storage where we measure humidity, cup the coffees and send to the dry-milling. 

    We are working with them for few months now, and we have many projects to improve the working space and the local’s life. We invite everyone to join on a one-day trip and check the amazing landscape this little town has to offer.



    Ships between 3-10 business days after placing the order. Sorry if this can cause some inconvenience for you, we travel a lot to origin and are busy visiting customers. That is the reason for the new shipping schedule. 

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