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Your concerns are our engine

Become specialized in fully traceable, fair, transparent specialty coffees with unique identities

We farm, source, and export ethical green coffee

We congratulate our partner Inmaculada Coffee Farms on this historical achievement at the WORLD BARISTA CHAMPIONSHIPS in Milan 2021


•100% traceable

•Directly from the farm

Education / Quality

•Developing processes with farmers

•Increasing quality with knowledge


•Direct connection between farmers and roasters

•Tailor made logistic solutions

Do you know if your coffee is 100% traceable?

At Col-Spirit we ensure your coffees are fully traceable, ask for the infosheets

Buying coffee anywhere can cost you a lot

Is your coffee fairly paid?

Your coffee should not decrease farmer’s quality of life, rather support them to produce better coffee with sustainable practices

Are you sure it is specialty and not conventional coffee?

In our HQ in Colombia, we have high-quality standards with growing, processing, and cupping sessions to provide specialty coffee all year around

You deserve to buy a coffee which has a story.
Do you want to make your coffee supply more sustainable?

More than 150 roasters in Europe trust our way of working


Buying coffee with a story is really easy


Request samples

from actual or coming coffees


Cup samples

at your roastery or at home


Place your order

and receive it at your doorstep

1. Assured traceability information is available for anyone

2. Guaranteed quality in every coffee

Agreement plan

3. Promised stability year by year in cup profiles

4. Find a replacement as similar as possible if issues occur


What else do we offer


If you are a home roaster interested in our coffees, you can find them in our shop.

Origin trip

We organize origin trips for roasters during every harvest season to experience the real coffee production.

Export / Import

As a 360° company, we export Colombian coffee anywhere you need, and import in Europe.