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  • Farm: La Celia

  • Location: Risaralda, Colombia

  • Altitude: 1.450NN to 1.600NN

  • Owner: William Alvarez

Why is our coffee so special?

The farm La Celia is located in Risaralda, Colombia. With an altitude that goes from 1.450 NN to 1.600 NN. This farm is the combination of 5 little farms that are spread over the mountain. They all have Caturra variety and the picking, processing and drying process are the same. 

William Alvarez is the one in charge of checking all the process in the farms, and collect the coffee before it is mill, we meet William during a trip to Risaralda, he was looking for better opportunities for his region. We are working with William for a year and the results are amazing. The hard work and consistency are noticeable, buying the coffee at a higher price helped them to improve their living conditions. 

We take our work seriously, we don’t have mono-crops, our coffee plants share space with several different kinds of trees and other crops, every farm has platanos, bananas, orange trees and other native trees. The farms are very carefull with the selection of the coffee and the processing, to assure a high standard coffee. 

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