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Special geographic microclimates with special harvest conditions, produce beans with unique flavor profiles, which get SCAA scores over 80 points, are referred to as 'specialty coffees. Among the countries that are very famous by producing specialty coffee are Colombia, Ethiop, Kenya, and Panama.

A Micro-lot is coffee that have been harvested from a particular plantation, from a particular plot of land, from a particular altitude, and processed in a separate way. Ultimately, it is the result of some concerted effort to separate and carefully prepare a lot of coffee that will have special characteristics


A micro-climate is the climate of a very small or restricted area, especially when this differs from the climate of the surrounding area.

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Monocropping is the agricultural practice of growing a single crop year after year on the same land, in the absence of rotation through other crops or growing multiplecrops on the same land

Screen Size

The different coffee growing regions have their own preferred terminology, but the best indicator of size is to know the screen size.  The screen size is usually reported as 17/18, 15/16, 13/14, etc. This means 17/64 of an inch, and so one.


SCAA/SCAE: Specialty Coffee Association of America/ Europe

SCAA is now the world's largest coffee trade association with nearly 2,500 company members.

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