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  • Farm: Manantiales del Frontino

  • Location: Valle del Cauca, Colombia

  • Altitude: 1.500NN to 1.950NN

  • Owners and farm administrator: Andres Londoño, Jorge Isaza

Why is our coffee so special?

The farm Manantiales del Frontino is located in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. With an altitude that goes from 1.500 NN to 1.950 NN. Its location and altitude gives the farm micro-climate conditions, meaning that the coffee plants won’t receive direct sun, because there is fog that covers the sky until midday, and when the fog is gone the sun is behind the mountain.  This specific conditions help the coffee bean to grow slow and get all the sweet properties they can get.

Jorge Isaza and Maria Mercedes Grajales works hand in hand with the local community for more than 9 years.  Creating job opportunities and at the same time educating workers on the best practice for coffee. We are Rainforest Alliance certified.

16 wells are born in the farm, and provide a constant water stream. This water streams benefit, not only the farm and the coffee plants, but also the local community. One part of the farm is virgin rainforest. Is the place where the wells are born. We know that we have a big responsibility preserving this wells, and the nature surrounding the farm. If you are quiet enough you can see wild animals walking through the farm. Hunting is prohibited.

We take our work seriously, we don’t have mono-crops, our coffee plants share space with several different kinds of trees and other crops. The farm is divided in micro-lots, letting the traceability be a reality. You can actually know where is your coffee coming from, how are the climate conditions, and how is the bean treated.

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