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  • Farm: La Cristalina

  • Location: Quindio, Colombia

  • Altitude: 1.350NN to 1.500NN

  • Owners: German Grajales, Alberto Grajales

Why is our coffee so special?

The farm La Cristalina is located in Quindio, Colombia. With an altitude that goes from 1.350 NN to 1.500 NN. Its location and altitude gives the farm perfect weather conditions, meaning that in the morning the sun light goes through the trees and warm the soil, at midday and in the afternoon is very normal to get some rain and at night the temperature drops more than 8º.  This specific conditions help the coffee bean to grow slow and get all the sweet properties they can get. Coffee from this region is well known from its medium adicity and citric fruit flavor.

The Grajales brothers work hand in hand with the local community for more than 50 years.  The first owner of this land was Guillermo Grajales (Alberto's and German's dad), he grew up with his family here. When he was old enough he move to the city and pursue a career in the Colombian Coffee Federation. He worked for 35 years, then he retired and keep on working on his coffee farm.

2 wells are born in the farm, and provide a constant water stream. This water streams benefit, not only the farm and the coffee plants, but also the local community. We know that we have a big responsibility preserving this wells, and the nature surrounding the farm. You can find more than 20 varieties of birds and more than 10 different fruits trees.

We take our work seriously, we don’t have mono-crops, our coffee plants share space with several different kinds of trees and other crops. The farm is divided in medium size lots, it is easy to trace your coffee. This help us to provide the best practices to that specific lot, and measure it's qualities. 

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